Petar Krstich Choir

Our choir was formed first in 1943 as the Mirjana Singing Society, finally taking the name the Petar Krstich Choir in 1946, in honor of the famous Serbian composer and director. The choir soon joined the Serbian Singing Federation (SSF), a collection of Serbian church choirs from all over the United States and Canada. As part of the SSF, they have traveled to various locations all over the country for concerts and church events. The choir has released two casette tapes: "Songs of the Serbian People", and "Bells of Visoki Decani". They can be heard every Sunday singing the responses in the Divine Liturgy. Many of the pieces were arranged and/or composed by Slobodan Zelich (director from 1961-2008), the son of one of our parish's previous priests. The director as of 2010 is Nino Karas. The president is Maria Karas.

Serbian Orthodox Men's Club

The Serbian Men's Club takes care of our parish's Serbian Picnic Grounds, and participates in the yearly picnic by roasting lambs to be sold. Additionally, every Wednesday of the summer months, they roast hundreds of chickens which are sold to the community. The president is Theodore Zatezalo.

The Sveta Petka Kolo of Steubenville and The Vidovdan Kolo of Weirton

The Sveta Petka Kolo and the Vidovdan Kolo are two Serbian women's groups. They work together to tackle various parish needs from prosfora making, to flower purchasing. The presidents are: Millicent Santilli (Sveta Petka) and Rose Marie Karas (Vidovdan).